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Triad's Look Explained

The main theme of our discussions has been to encourage one to be intentional and deliberate about their branding choices. If you've been reading our other entries then that's something that comes up time and time again. Be intentional and deliberate about why you choose anything for your brand whether it be an image, logo, fonts, etc.

In our last entry, we conducted a deep dive on all those components and ways to be intentional when trying to decide on various parts of an organization's branding.

Today, I'd like to discuss the elements that went into our organization, Triad Productions.

Understanding Our Past

To understand why we chose the different elements of our branding it's important to understand our history.

Triad has been in business for over 30 years. In that time we've been involved in pretty much every industry imaginable. We have experience in product development, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and business administration.

We've taken ideas from concept to tangible products sold in retail stores. We've also developed manufacturing methods solutions for companies making products domestically. We've spent years helping local businesses understand and implement digital and social media marketing concepts to grow their business. Triad also has a lengthy history of taking product ideas and helping businesses source their products from overseas.

Through all of that, there's been one common thread. We're helping others find solutions. Looking for a solution denotes the existence of a problem that necessitates the skills necessary to problem-solve. Given that we have a long history of problem-solving we decided that solutions and problem solving were the defining characteristics of our organization.

Our Mark and Logo

Our mark is a very simple design. It wouldn't surprise me if it was used elsewhere for other businesses. Three simple circles arranged in a triangle could mean many things; however, for us it has a very specific meaning.

In formal logic philosophers will condense arguments into variables (p & q). For example, p=Socrates is a

man and q=all men are mortal. Therefore p&q is another way of writing the previous sentence without all of the lengthy writing. These expressions will also take the shape of formulas.

When writing formulas in logic the conclusion is preceded by the word/operator "therefore." When you hear "therefore" then you know a conclusion is coming up.

In formal logic the symbol for "therefore" (∴) is simply three circles that make up a triangle.

Combine that with the text from our logo and it reads "therefore, Triad Productions." Simply, we are a solution!

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