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Triad Productins Inc. has been in business for over 30 years. We've worked in industries spanning manufacturing, administrative consulting, outside sales, and digital services including web development and social and search marketing.


Our focus is on providing unique solutions for small businesses. When you own and operate a small business then you're forced to wear many hats. We're a small business at our core, and with experience starting up manufacturing companies and digital services, we know how to meet small business owners where they are because we've been there!

Meet the


Randy Brown


Randy was the founder of Triad Productions in 1983.

Through Triad Randy has overseen many business developments including the development of the first foam flower pot to sell at retail.


Randy is a true businessman and product developer. 

George Brown

Executive Manager

George has taken the reigns of Triad Productions and expanded its scope into the digital service industry including digital marketing, web development, and branding.

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